Stories | Ep2: Eli | "Alive again"

This podcast episode features Eli, who shares his story of growth and devotion to his faith. After a period of drifting away from the religion that was a fundamental part of his childhood, he found his way back to God with the help of his sister and pastors at his church. Now, he sees himself as a servant and takes his faith seriously, striving to bring positivity and hope into the lives of those he encounters.

Listen to the podcast to learn about Eli’s journey and discover some of the key moments and biblical teachings that have shaped his relationship with God. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration and guidance on finding their way back to God.

Learn about Eli and,

  • His journey from drifting away from his faith to becoming a more devout and motivated individual
  • The role of the church and his sister in helping him strengthen his relationship with God
  • The ways in which his faith has affected his outlook on life and how he interacts with others.

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