Stories | Ep3: Faith | "The Battle Belongs to God"

In this episode, we get to hear Faith's incredible story of transformation and her journey with God. Faith is a dance teacher and serves at the children's ministry, and her favorite Bible story is Daniel and the lion's den. She talks about how in the past she was a lost, drug-addicted individual, but through getting in touch with counsellor Sandra at her church, she was able to turn her life around and grew closer to God.

Faith shares the impact of her community on her faith journey and how they have helped her through the process of healing not only from multiple addictions but also the traumas that were the root cause of all this.

Faith is a truly inspiring and remarkable young female, listen to the full episode to know,

  • How did Faith go from being a drug addict to growing close to God every day?
  • How did her younger brother become the wakeup call she needed?
  • What was the role of the church community in helping Faith in her journey?

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